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My First Encounter with Pornography

Kunsthal Vejle, Vejle, 2021

Print on magazine, 2021

“From my upbringing in Vejle, I clearly remember vending machines like this one from the antique shop in Vestergade and from  Pink Lady on Buchsvej”

Pink Lady, 2021

Print on carton, folded.

Print on magazine, 2021

“Here you could buy pornographic magazines for coins”

Print on magazine, 2021

“Before the Internet took over pornography, you could anonymously buy pornographic magazines here”

Print on magazine, 2021

My friends and I bought our porn magazines here.

Print on magazine, 2021

“We almost always studied the magazines together”

Print on magazine, 2021

“Some of the pictures were so incomprehensibly violent that I did not dare see them alone”

Print on magazine, 2021

“The magazines were stored in my room,

 under my clothes, in the closet”

Print on magazine, 2021

“In the wooden house on the playground”

Print on magazine, 2021

“In the forest by the fox hole

Print on magazine, 2021

“in the cupboards and drawers of our fathers”

Kunsthal Vejle is an exhibition space for Danish and international contemporary art. It is open 24/7,  and located centrally near the train station. 

Magazines with eyes, 2021

Folded porn magazines, glass eyes

Hand, 2021

Jesmonite, acrylic paint

Playground, 2021

Print on carton 

Old posters, 2021

Print on carton

Magazine from the forest, 2021

Magazine, soil, epoxy

porn magazines, masculinity, porn anthology

Father's porn magazines -  an anthology, 2021

Magazines, print.

Works from the exhibition
“My First Encounter with Pornography”

 at Kunsthal Vejle, Vejle/Denmark.

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Kunsthal Vejle 

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